August 26, 2007

Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival Photos

I just posted photos I took at the Rock Mountain Balloon Festival to my photo website. You can check them out at right now. This was the first balloon festival I have attended and it was way cool.

The Saturday night "Lite Up the Nite" session had 40 or so hot air balloons all inflated. Some were giving short rides to kids. After sunset there were a couple of countdowns, at the end of which all the ballooners fired their burners. All the balloons got this glow from inside that looked so cool.

Sunday morning was a sunrise launch of more than 60 balloons. They filled the sky with beautiful color. The balloons were in various shapes, colors and sizes, along with corporate sponsors like Target, ReMax and others. I can't wait until next year's event!

April 10, 2007

Easter 2007

I know that it's traditional for people to decorate their houses for Christmas. Apparently, it's now the trend to decorate for other holidays. The Easter tradition of hanging plastic eggs from your trees is on!! Join the crowd next year and be sure to decorate your house appropriately. Don't be the last one on your block to do this. What would the neighbors think??

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June 11, 2006

06/11/06 After a storm rolled through the eastern sky looked like this. I thought it was so cool the way these little powder puffs of clouds dotted the sky.
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May 25, 2006

05/25/06 The Prairie Dogs (and their pups) are out this time of year. This sounds sick, but I keep hoping that I will get a chance to see a big hawk swoop down and try and get one. A bit morbid, but it's just nature playing out the roles.
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April 25, 2006

04/25/06 Driving on icy and snowy roads can be a real hassle !! After sliding around a corner and losing control (at only 15 MPH) I was stopped by a large, wooden guard rail. I was lucky enough to come home with a little momento from that event!
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April 22, 2006

Ride For a Cure

04/22/06 Ride for the Cure had a promotional event that one of my associates and I shot. A few Bronco cheerleaders were there along with some local firefighters (eye candy for both sexes). We really enjoyed the shoot and so did all who attended.
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April 16, 2006

Mountain Bluebird

04/16/06 The nest boxes up at Daniel's Park are being occupied by a few Mountain Bluebirds. Here's one gather materials for the nest.
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March 01, 2006

03/01/06 There's just something cool about mountain sunsets. Sometimes we get the most awesome displays in the sky.
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February 26, 2006

02/26/06 Columbine Open Space is on the south end of Castle Rock and has this wonderful barn there. I need to go back there a few more times to get more shots of it.
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January 15, 2006

01/15/06 A young Red Tailed Hawk in flight off of Castle Rock. Castle Rock is one of my favorite places to just go for a walk and I've seen all sorts of birds all year long. This flight shot was made shortly after I had knelt down into a cactus. I did take some time (later) to yank the needles out of my knee. A painful but rewarding day.
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